Synergy Martial Arts Concepts

Classes are an eclectic blend of Asian martial arts including Kali-Escrima, Kuntao-Silat, Kempo, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wing Chun and Karate. Through training in such diverse styles, students learn how to adapt and become the best, most well-rounded martial artist possible. Instruction consists of empty hand techniques (boxing, kicking, grappling, joint locking), and the use of and defense against weapons (stick, dagger). Techniques include both stand-up and ground defenses. Whether you’re a couch potato, a gym rat, or anything in-between, our training is adaptable and suitable for ALL fitness levels and abilities.

These methods and techniques have literally been “battle tested” by countless warriors over the centuries, and have certainly been used to inflict much damage or even take a life. Violence for violence’s sake, however, is not condoned at Synergy Self Defense, but the primary goal is one of self development and personal growth. In reality, on the street, one may have to make the difficult decision to use this training if your life or a loved one’s life is threatened, and it is up to the individual to make this decision wisely, carefully, and responsibly.


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